Colon Cancer and Breast Cancer Human Study

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Colon cancer and breast cancer human study:
Effects of medicinal mushroom extracts

colon cancer and breast cancer treatment with medicinal mushrooms presented by Dr Jakopovich
Dr. Ivan Jakopović, Ljubljana, 2007. Patients with colon cancer and breast cancer who took intensive doses of Myko San products lived significantly longer, with a higher quality of life.

In this cohort study of 51 patients with colon cancer and 105 patients with breast cancer, intensive doses of Dr Myko San products Lentifom, Super Polyporin and Agarikon were administered (for an average of 40 to 80 days), in the period from early 2004 to mid-2007, either parallel with or following chemotherapy. The analysis is based on the official medical records from hospitals where patients received the standard oncological treatment, and on information received from patients and their family members.

This initial study was presented at the 4th International Conference on Medicinal Mushrooms, Ljubljana 2007.

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Medicinal mushrooms prolong survival in colon and breast cancer patients.

Patients with colon cancer (N=51)

At the start of mycotherapy (use of medicinal mushroom extracts), 60% of colon cancer patients had stage 4, while 30% had advanced cancer stage 3.

Upon the completion of mycotherapy, over 90% of cancer patients had unchanged or improved status, while of those 45% had an improvement in the overall condition.

At the end of the study period (June 2007), 63% of colon cancer patients were alive, of which 80% have an improved or stable health condition (without disease progression).

Patients who took these medicinal mushroom extracts reported better tolerance of colon cancer chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy.

The data analysis shows that intensive mycotherapy significantly improves the survival rate and health condition, in comparison to results when only the standard colon cancer therapy is administered.

Patients with breast cancer (N=105)

The study included 105 patients (103 women and 2 men) with breast cancer (most common form – ductal invasive carcinoma 78%). Of the total number of patients, in 47% the primary tumour was fully removed surgically, while 53% were in the highest advanced stage 4 (metastatic disease, recurring).

Upon completion of intensive mycotherapy, 88% of patients had unchanged or improved status; with 36% of the total sample reporting improvements.

At the end of the study (June 2007), 61% of patients were alive. Of the survivors, 69% had no signs of the disease, 16% reported improvements or unchanged condition, while in 15% of cases, the disease continued to progress (3% recurrence rate).

Patients taking these products noticed better tolerance of chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy.

Data analysis shows that intensive mycotherapy significantly improves the survival rate and health condition, in comparison to results when only the standard oncological therapy is administered.

These results of the combined use of mycotherapy and standard oncological therapy were significantly better than the results from the exclusive use of standard oncological therapy in that period, as taken from the official US cancer registry.

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