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myko-sanDr Myko San has been leading the production of superior medicinal mushroom extracts for 30 years.

Medicinal mushrooms have been used for thousands of years in Chinese and Japanese traditional medicine. Modern scientific research of their potential started in the early 1950s – so far, over 50.000 articles have been published.

The most important active compounds of medicinal mushrooms are specific beta glucans, which are much stronger than those from yeast or grain.

More about medicinal mushrooms and their use.

Our medicinal mushroom products have been tested and developed in cooperation with leading Croatian scientific institutions, and the results published in scientific journals and international scientific conferences.

First Croatian research on healing mushrooms

We can help you. During our 30 years of operation we have gained experience and helped thousands of users. Our unique experience and the knowledge of a leading expert in the use of medicinal mushrooms can help you too. Personalized for your situation and your needs.


ornamentWe use only the highest quality raw materials from sustainable organic farming and environmentally responsible collection from the purest regions of Croatia. Raw materials used undergo thorough purity control and rigorous tests of efficiency. We perfected our recipes and superior extraction technology through the latest scientific research and many years of experience.