About Myko San company

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About Dr Myko San – Health from Mushrooms

Dr Ivan Jakopovich is a leading expert on medicinal mushrooms and their use
Dr Ivan Jakopovich

DR MYKO SAN – HEALTH FROM MUSHROOMS was established on September 12, 1990 by Dr Ivan Jakopovich and Marija Jakopovich. We produce and trade dietary supplements made from medicinal mushrooms for the protection of health. Myko San is a biotechnological company based in Zagreb, Croatia, European Union.

There are three essential components to the DR MYKO SAN approach for preserving human health:

First, the use of medicinal mushrooms as a raw material (naturally growing or cultivated). Our products do not contain any poisonous or other harmful ingredients. Except in the extremely rare cases of mushroom allergies, our products cause no significant side effects and are very safe.

Second, the use is based on thousands of years of experience from traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean and other Far Eastern medicine. Traditional medical practices has tested various mushroom based preparations on a massive number of users since ancient times and they continue to be of exceptional importance.

Third, the modern use of medicinal mushrooms is completely based on contemporary scientific research. The experience of traditional medicine has been systematically and empirically tested around the world since the 1950s, using strict scientific methods and evaluation of the chemical, pharmacological, biological, and medical sciences. The results are exceptionally significant, and the use of medicinal mushroom products and mushroom extracts in particular is constantly on the rise worldwide.

In our e-book entitled Medicinal Mushrooms and their Use, you can learn more about these three components upon which the DR MYKO SAN approach to preserving human health is based.


The company’s founder is the leading expert on medicinal mushrooms Dr. Ivan Jakopovich (contact). He has been studying mushrooms since 1980, their medicinal properties since 1983 and evaluating the practical use of medicinal mushrooms since 1989. He is a member of the International Society for Mushroom Science and the New York Academy of Sciences, as well as a member of the Editorial Board of the scientific journal International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms (New York), and the International Scientific Committee of the global scientific conferences on medicinal mushrooms (The International Medicinal Mushroom Conferences, IMMCs). In 2011, he was the president of the organizing committee for the 6th International Medicinal Mushroom Conference, which was held in Zagreb. For his contribution to science, he was included in the 2013 edition of Marquis’s Who is Who in the World (USA), and 2000 Outstanding Intellectuals of the 21st Century (Cambridge, UK).

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