Cancer (carcinoma, melanoma, sarcoma) tumors

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Even for the most difficult problems:
Lentifom, Agarikon, Agarikon Plus

LENTIFOM, AGARIKON AND AGARIKON PLUS contain liquid extracts from edible and medicinal mushrooms Lentinus edodes (shiitake), Grifola frondosa (maitake), Ganoderma lucidum (reishi), Pleurotus ostreatus (oyster mushroom), Agaricus blazei ( =brasiliensis) and Tricholoma matsutake ( =caligatum =subrufescens). These preparations of proven effectiveness are the best scientifically studied medicinal mushroom preparations in the world!

It has been scientifically established that certain medicinal mushrooms can help

  • in cancer – carcinoma, sarcoma, leukemia and lymphoma,
  • to reduce the risk of developing malignant diseases,
  • with weakened immunity,

and they are useful and recommended for anyone who is not allergic to mushrooms.

These medicinal mushrooms contain medicinal substances (primarily beta glucans) that act as biomodulators, i.e. biological response modifiers. Thousands of scientific papers published around the world have shown that these substances strengthen or restore the body’s defenses (immunity).


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See the protocol for cancer patients, which is a layman’s account of the recommended use of our extracts for this indication.

About the products

Packaging:Four bottles of 500 mL each
Standard dosage:0.5dL (4 tablespoons 3 times a day)
Forte dosage:determined individually


All prices refer to the set (4 bottles of 500 mL each), which in standard dosage are consumed in 14 days.

Lentifom65,00 €52,02 €
Agarikon119,50 €95,56 €
Agarikon Plus139,50 € – 111,49 €
Ganoderma lucidum medicinal mushrooms against cancer (carcinoma, sarcoma, melanoma)
Ganoderma lucidum (japanese: reishi, chinese: ling zhi)

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User experiences

We highlight a few excerpts – here’s what those who have used them say about Dr Myko San products:

“The immediate effect was better tolerance of chemotherapy, while I didn’t even feel the radiation, and day by day after chemotherapy I felt better and better.” (M. Lajtner, MD – anesthesiologist, breast cancer diagnosed in 2004, completely healthy today)

“… I started using LENTIFOM, and it helped me overcome the disease and all the associated ailments. To this day I am healthy…” (A. Dušak, cancer of the breast (1985) and uterus (1990), already over 30 years without recurrence)

“Parallel with chemotherapy and radiation, I took intensive doses of Lentifom and Agarikon, which proved to be very effective in suppressing tumor growth and making it easier to tolerate chemotherapy. The cancer is completely gone.” (Ž. Sović, microcellular lung cancer diagnosed in 2005, today completely healthy)

“Five years after a very aggressive, highly malignant breast cancer, I am alive, the control results are good and I feel great… with the help of Agarikon and Lentifom, I did not vomit a single time, I did not feel sick, I was full of energy as before the disease, even during the last chemotherapy, my blood count was excellent, and believe it or not, I wasn’t on sick leave at all… in the five years since the diagnosis, I’ve had a cold only once, even when everyone around me was sick, I was unscathed. (G. Tufarević, had breast cancer, now completely disease-free)

Read the experiences of users of these products.

Myko San in the Media

Our company has been extensively covered in the national media as well as in neighboring countries. Please check out our YouTube channel for more videos – while most are in Croatian, we have added English subtitles to some videos.

Daily show “Day by day”, Croatian National Television

About Medicinal Mushrooms and Cancer

See the presentation, given to medical doctors and scientists, Cancer treatment with extracts from medicinal mushrooms (pdf, currently only in Croatian!), by Dr. sc. Ivan Jakopović at the Second Regional Oncology Congress in Budva, Montenegro.

Read about the use of medicinal mushrooms against cancer in the first e-book by Dr. Sc. Ivan Jakopović “Medicinal mushrooms and their application”; starting at Medicinal mushrooms against cancer (Research. Activity. Clinical trials. Risk factors and prevention.)

Scientific Research

Our extracts are the best researched medicinal mushroom products on the market.
Browse the main research:

Preliminary tests at the Ruđer Bošković Institute

The influence of preparations from medicinal mushrooms on mouse tumors

Effects of medicinal mushroom extracts in colon and breast cancer patients

Long-term effects of using preparations from medicinal mushrooms in colon and breast cancer patients

Effects of medicinal mushroom extracts in patients with lung cancer

Cytotoxic effects of complex and simple mushroom extracts on human cancer cells (pdf)

Effect of mushroom extracts on the cell cycle and apoptosis of tumor cells in humans (pdf)

NEW (2020) : Dr Myko San published the first proteomic study about the combined extracts of medicinal mushrooms in the world (press release)

NEW (2020): Croatian Scientists Prove Mushrooms Help Stop Colon Cancer (news report)

NEW (2020): Nature against cancer (review of antitumor mechanisms of medicinal mushrooms, press release)