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If doctors believe in medicine based on evidence, then they are bound to implement in their practices that which science establishes is beneficial for health.
Dr. Robert C. Atkins, Atkins Center in New York, 1998


In Croatia, a lot of patients come to us through word of mouth – every survivor is our best advertisment. Some of them feel the need to share and inform others of their experiences and possibilities. Through their courage and willingness to share their story they’ve saved many lives and we thank them all. We hope that their testimonials serve as an inspiration and encouragement in your own journey to health.

We have picked just a handful of testimonials here. Since the company was founded in 1990, Myko San has helped over 20,000 patients.

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In cancer cases, we most often recommend our medicinal mushroom extracts Lentifom, Super Polyporin, Agarikon and/or Agarikon Plus. According to the results of scientific research and our 25-year experience, the first results often show after 4-6 treatments, while the full effect is achieved after 8-10 treatments – this includes the use of large doses of the strongest beta glucans and other active compounds from medicinal mushrooms. In particularly severe situations (especially with remote metastases) we recommend longer-term continuous use. After these “forte doses”, we switch to “maintenance phase”, where patients take less preparation, every few months.

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breast cancer cured with medicinal mushrooms Myko San, Dr. Milena Lajtner
Dr. Milena Lajtner,

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in November 2005. It was an invasive ductile, multi-centric form of breast cancer, at stage II, which had already spread to the regional lymph nodes (I had 22 positive lymph nodes in the armpit region). A lymph node just above my collarbone was enlarged enough to feel, which is indicative of the degree the primary tumor had spread. In clinical terms, this is not a good sign. While operating, the surgeon also noticed an enlarged lymph node along the artery within the breast, which suggests the tumor was already beginning to spread towards the lungs. Standard tests, including bone scintigraphy, lung x-ray, abdominal ultrasound, did not detect any further spreading. I underwent the standard treatment, including surgery (a radically modified breast operation with resection of the pectoral muscle), target radiation of the enlarged lymph nodes and chemotherapy.
While undergoing the chemotherapy, I also took the forte dosage of medicinal mushroom preparations as recommended by Dr. Jakopovich. The direct effect was better tolerance of the chemotherapy, and I didn’t even feel the radiation therapy. I felt better and better every day during chemotherapy. I took the preparations throughout the entire period I was having chemotherapy and radiation therapy. I was able to get back to my normal physical condition while still undergoing radiation, and I was able to walk several kilometers a day. Such a quick recovery and return to my old lifestyle is thanks to the mushroom preparations.
Given these results, and the effects the preparations had, I became more interested in the scientific research being conducted on medicinal mushrooms. I have since concluded that this is an excellent way to prevent recurrences of malignant diseases and the appearance of new metastases.
I continue to take the preparations at regular intervals, as part of the protocol for maintaining a stronger immune system, both qualitatively and quantitatively. I can also say that the rhinitis I experienced due to allergies for 18 years has also disappeared. Today, I feel excellent and my test results are perfectly normal. (Milena Lajtner)

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breast cancer and uterine cancer medicinal mushrooms cure
Anka Dusak

The experiences of Anka Dusak from Tuhovec, one of the “first generation” patients taking our anti-tumor preparations, even before we developed the forte dosage system for LENTIFOM, let alone developed the formulas for SUPER POLYPORIN and AGARIKON:

“Way back in 1985 I underwent surgery for breast cancer, and five years later for cervical cancer. After the second operation, I began taking LENTIFOM, which helped me to overcome the disease and all the difficulties that came with it. Today, I am healthy, and I only take the ‘mushrooms’ in the spring and fall, to maintain my immunity, and to feel better and stronger.”

Lung cancer alternative therapy with medicinal mushrooms cured, testimonial Zeljko Sovic
Zeljko Sovic

Zeljko Sovic from Sisak, was diagnosed with the most agressive type of lung cancer – small-cell lung carcinoma in December 2005. “Together with chemotherapy and radiotherapy I used forte dosages of Lentifom and Agarikon, which proved very effective in stopping cancer growth and reducing chemotherapy side-effects. The cancer is completely gone. I control my health regularly and take Agarikon every other month. All my tests are now clear.”

breast and bone cancer cure Myko San testimonial review
Durdica Benko

Durdica Benko from Velika Mlaka underwent surgery for breast cancer in early 2003. In June 2004, the doctors established that the cancer had spread into the head of the right tibia bone, and into the top of the breastbone. After taking medicinal mushroom preparations, complete skeletal scintigraphy in mid September 2004 showed that her bones showed no further sign of tumor activity.


Vesna Henigman from Zagreb underwent surgery for the most dangerous form of skin cancer, melanoma, in spring 2004. Even though subsequent tests showed no signs of the spread of the disease, the most precise test to reveal micro metastases (on tyrosinase) showed hidden tumor activity. After taking medicinal mushroom preparations, the test was repeated in mid October 2004, and showed no tumor activity.


Viral diseases

J. A. (born in Bosnia and Herzegovina, 1983) was infected with HIV about 10 years ago. In 2006, he first used our liquid preparation Mykoprotect for several months, resulting in improved medical findings.

He contacted us again at the end of 2014 when his test results showed worsening of the disease: his CD4+ T lymphocytes dropped to just 100, suggesting severely weakened immune system – normal values for adults are in a range 300-1,300 per µL (microliter = 1 cubic millimeter; recommended values for healthy adults are about 500/ µL). His HIV viral load (amount of HIV particles) was approximately 38,000/ µL. His infectious disease specialists concluded that he needs antiretroviral therapy. The patient refused, and has instead started using our liquid preparation Super Polyporin, which he used for 6 months. His general condition has much improved, CD4+ T lymphocyte count has elevated to 500, and his viral load decreased to 34,800.

Since starting a strenuous full-time seasonal job in summer 2015, he, for practical reasons, decided to switch from a liquid preparation and started taking Mykoprotect.1 tablets. After 3 months of using two tablets 3 times a day, his CD4+ T lymphocyte count dropped to 340, but his viral load dropped from 34,800 to 25,000!


B.L. (59), a senior nurse, underwent surgery for breast cancer back in 1993. The medicinal mushroom preparations sped up and eased her recovery, and today she is in perfect health.